Jerry R. Reynolds
Growing up in a ski resort, tourism was always something that Jerry has loved. In 2007, he founded a local travel company called Whitefish Reservations, a company focused on adventure in Northwest Montana. He went on to build a company called Rentul Inc. before launching the original Toured company in 2016.

In 2017, Jerry was invited to Australia as part of an grant program to the some of the worlds most promising entrepreneurs. Over the 6 months he was in Queensland, he delivered talks, workshops and worked with more than 85 individual entrepreneurs understand the process of building a company from an idea, to scaling and running large businesses.

Jerry is an entrepreneur. Founder of a new outdoor gear company called Yaak Outdoors launching in 2018. Builder of @YaakBus. Lover of UI/UX design. Born archer, fish assassin, spends over half the year in the outdoors hiking, fishing and camping.
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