12.30.2019  |  YAAK BUS
Yaak Bus And The Adventure That Awaits
In March of 2017, I found myself in Australia working for the Queensland Gov as an entrepreneurial advocate. I'd travel the country to meet with entrepreneurs, give workshops and conference talks. I was also the Founder and CEO, leading a global reservations management system for adventure tours called Toured.

Something was missing, I missed doing what I love and craved to be outdoors. While I was in Australia I discovered school bus conversations and in December of 2017, I bought a 40 foot, 1993 AmTran International and decided to convert my school bus into a luxury tiny home RV.
Bus specs: 1993 AmTran International , 78 passenger, Diesel, MD463 transmission, DT466 engine with 230200 miles.
There is truly nothing like the memories we make while exploring a new place. What makes it special are the people, the moments, the pictures and time we spend with others. These moments can’t be paid for, they are priceless. Finding the words to describe the smell of fresh pastries in Rome or the chill on your skin, overlooking the sea in Norway, is impossible. You have to live it.

That is my goal! To bring you the most amazing adventures the world has to offer, from a non-tourists point of view.
My goal is to have the bus done in April 2019 and ready to set out on an adventure of a lifetime. For one year, I plan to explore, hike and fish my way around North America.

There are so many amazing places to visit that many people have never heard of, unless you are local to those areas. This is going to be one awesome adventure!

Now, more than ever, I believe the world is an amazing place, come explore it with me!
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