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The Growing Trend Of Digital Nomads
In 2017, I spent 6 months in Australia working with the Aussie Government to grow the countries entrepreneurial community. It was an amazing experience. I’ve been an entrepreneur for eighteen and half years and one of the questions I get asked all of the time (more than 100 times a month) is, “What’s the easiest/best way to make money online without having any technical background?”

More than ever, people are trying to find a way out of jobs that they hate and into a craft that allows them to live life on their own terms. Honestly, that is why I became an entrepreneur when I was 20. I had a full ride scholarship from Microsoft and was on track for a successful career and life. I sat down with my advisor just a few days after my first term at university had started and he asked me a question that changed my life. He asked “What do you want to do when school is over?” I replied simply, “I want to be a professional fisherman.” As you could imagine, we had a good laugh but he didn’t realize how serious I really was because when I left that meeting, I spent the next 3 years fishing ever minute of every day. Barely getting the grades I needed to maintain my scholarship. As a result, when people ask me what I majored in, you will often hear me reply that I have a PHD in fly fishing.

One thing I realized very early on was fishing is expensive, at least for a college kid that didn’t have a job. But I didn’t want just any job, it had to be on my terms and allow me the flexibility to work when I wanted to work. That is when I started my first company. I fished by day and designed websites by night and man did I suck! But everyday I got better and always delivered on schedule and it gained me a great reputation. Fast forward to Australia 2017 and that reputation had become so wide spread, the Aussie Government paid me a hefty sum to share my knowledge. In 2002, being a digital nomad wasn’t even a concept. However, starting a business and being in control of my future was.
Where do I start?
Here are more than 11 legitimate ways to build a business online
There are so many ways to create businesses online that allow you the time freedom to do the things you love. The process is not very complicated but there is one catch that needs to be very clear in the beginning.

The key to building a sustainable income is to build passive income. What is passive income? Passive income is when your business works for you, even when you are not actively working on it. With that said however, if you are not giving your business the care it requires it will cease to be income at all.

Many of you have heard of Affiliate marketing before but knowing how to leverage it is really important. We are not going to talk about absurd things like mining crypto currencies, taking surveys or ridicules work from home systems.

We are going to focus on some huge companies that desperately want customers and will pay you a ransom to refer them business!

So let's get this list started with some of the companies that we have all heard of, just to get that out of the way.

Fiverr - Freelance Creative Services
When Fiverr launched, it was simply a cheap way for people to get creative projects completed on low budgets. Today however, Fiverr basic allows you to charge up to $1,000 for services like logo design and content creation. And with their new Pro service, you can charge even more. So if you have creative skills, Fiverr is a great way to offer your services.

Isagenix - The world’s best nutrition
If you love fitness and nutrition, Isagenix is the company for you! I used the products to lose more than 180lbs in 13 months, its incredible. But it's not just about weight loss, the world’s top athletes use it as well. Sidney Crosby, considered by many the world’s best hockey player. Aaron Rodgers, one of the best quarterbacks in NFL history. And thousands of other pro and amateur athletes use it as well. It is by far the best health and wellness company in the world.

Amazon - The web's most popular and successful Affiliate Program
What makes Amazon so profitable? They own almost no product inventory, yet they're the largest retailer in the world. They accomplish this by incentivizing you to promote products available on their site and for your efforts they pay you on average 6% of every purchase you refer and it doesn't cost you a penny. That is amazing!

Etsy - Creative Marketplace
Do you make handmade or unique products? Etsy gives you everything you need from a store front, inventory management, millions of potential customers and very low fees!

YouTube - Content Creation
Capture people’s attention by creating great content that will pay you for as long as its posted. That’s powerful.

Outdoors Companies
Companies that focus on outdoor gear and products.
Drive traffic from your site to REI.com or REI Garage and make money! You'll earn a 5% commission on every purchase made by customers you refer on a 30-day cookie. That means even if they don’t buy today, they have up to 30 days to return and make a purchase and you still get paid.

When a visitor to your site clicks on the link or product and makes a purchase at our site within 14-days, you earn a commission. They handle the entire shopping and buying experience and you earn a 3% commissions. With an average order around $130, that’s pretty good.

BassPro Shops
Every time a customer links to the BassPro website from yours and makes a purchase, you'll earn a flat 5% commission of sales on a cookie duration is 21-days. They process the order, ship the merchandise and handle all the customer service.

Sportsman’s Guide
Sportsman’s Guide offers the lowest prices on its products guaranteed! Their cookie lasts 7-days and pays up to 10% for new customers and 8% for returning customers. That's right, if they make a purchase and return to make another purchase a year later, you get paid!!

Mountain Hardware
Mountain Hardware makes some of the best technical clothing and gear on the market! One of the coolest features about MH is not only do you make up to 10% commission, on a cookie duration of 21-days, you also get discounts on their products.
Other Opportunities
Find a company that fits your lifestyle
There are 1000's of other companies that are ready to pay you for referring them customers, you are sure to find something perfect for you.

Tony Robins
Yeti Coolers

Here are 3 affiliate resources for you to research:

Commission Junction


With a little bit of work there are many ways to create income as a digital nomad. So if you are a blogger or vlogger, I hope this gave you some great ideas and options to monetize your content.

Because at the end of the day, if you create incredible content that is useful, you exponentially increase your chances of creating passive revenue.
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