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Growing up in a ski resort, Founder Jerry R. Reynolds has always been fascinated by the outdoors. Whether it is exploring the mountains of Glacier National Park, the warm waters of Australia's Sunshine Coast or the cafes in Rome, the memories people share is what motivates his adventurous spirit. He created Toured to inspire travelers to think outside the box and plan something truely incredible for their next adventure .
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In 2007, Toured founder Jerry R. Reynolds had an idea, "how would travel be different if there was one resource to find activities and lodging, and how do we tell those stories?" He started first in his local ski resort with a company called Whitefish Reservations. Over the following 4 years, Whitefish Reservations had become wildly popular, growning into more than 126 of the Worlds most popular destinations across 44 countries under the name Rentul.

Toured originally launched in 2016, helping more than 1,300 companies manage reservations for more than 11,000 individual tours. Built similarly to AirBnb, the goal was to give guests real-time tour availability across multiple platforms, using the reservation data from the companies using the reservations management service.

Over the last 10 years, Jerry discovered he was intrigued by the stories, the ambiance of places like a local cafe in Rome and memories we create with the people we love. When it comes down to it, the things we remember most while on vacation are things we cannont pay money for. Now, Toured is relaunching to tell those stories and connect you to the resources to plan and book those adventures.
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